By definition, signal jamming is an act intended to interrupt, block, or dislocate radio signals for different purposes and objectives. For the most part though, a device called a signal jammer is utilized by government agencies to cut off lines of mobile or wireless communication for security purposes. However, the extent of the reach of this relatively new type of technology has allowed even civilians to get their hands on this device and use it for purposes other than government-sanctioned operations.


Today, signal jammers are commonly associated with disrupting cellular phones from successfully transmitting and receiving signals. You probably have seen a movie or two about bank robbers or terrorists using this technology in order to prevent police and hostages from corresponding with each other wirelessly and to cut off any means of wireless communication.


As a device, a signal jammer basically works without the need of wired connections and cables. Therefore, it can be used for disabling cellular phones in any kind of setting. But aside from disabling phones, signal jamming can likewise be used to interfere, hinder, and disrupt wireless local area networks. And as a direct result to this innovation, there now exist several different variants of these signal jammers. In its earlier days, it was entirely about mobile phone signal jammers. But today, you easily can read and hear about stuff like Bluetooth jammers, video jammers, and even Wi-Fi jammers. The fact is there even are technologically sophisticated engineers and builders who can build advanced signal jammers that can affect and jam satellites from above, check it out!


Because majority of signal jammers use small electromagnetic waves, it means they're not really harmful to humans and even to the cellular phone subjected to jamming. However, we say majority and not all because there are way bigger jammers out there, the ones that are placed in huge structures like outdoor signal stations that can have a significant effect on the human body.  Read to understand more about signal jammers.


To date, the most popular and widely used signal jammer is the one that uses a mobile phone. Unfortunately, this very same technology is being taken advantage of bad elements like terrorists and criminals for their wrongdoings, which is why the government is constantly making an emphasis of regulating their use.



Aside from cellular phones, signal jammers at this homepage also come in other forms like a GPS signal jammers that the military uses for disrupting GPS tracking, although this one isn't readily available or legal for civilians to use. There also are multi-function jamming devices that are designed to disrupt video and Wi-Fi signals, including via Bluetooth and wireless local area networking.